Saturday, July 24, 2010

BBQ Chicken Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust with Spinach Salad

This was Stacie’s request for her birthday dinner; unfortunately it came a day late since I forgot this was what she wanted and made something else instead.

If you’re on WW and counting points, the crust recipe is enough for two pizzas, 1/8 of the pizza crust is 3 points. The topping points will vary depending on what you use, but the BBQ recipe below is one point.

We have the dairy allergy to deal with and I found a fake cheese at 99 cent store that we can tolerate so that's what I use. To cut the calories use a low-fat mozzarella and as little as possible.

For the spinach salad dressing I combined balsamic vinegar (about 3T) olive oil (maybe 1 T or less), water (1 T) and honey (1 T or less). Combine the dressing ingredients in a jar and mix thoroughly. If you dress the salad in a large bowl you can use less dressing and yet still flavor all the spinach. Use as little dressing as possible to save on calories and remember to salt and pepper because it adds tons of flavor.

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust – makes two pizzas when using a large pizza pan or a large cookie sheet

4 ½ cups whole wheat flour
2 pkg dry yeast
1 t salt
1 T sugar or honey
1 c milk (I use water)
1 c water
¼ c oil

Mix the dry ingredients together. Heat the liquids till hot enough to activate the yeast and then mix into the dry mixture and knead for 10 minutes. If you have time you can let the dough double and knock it back down before you make the pizzas. I’m usually too impatient so I just make my pizzas right away. You could also let the dough rise a bit to make a thicker crust pizza. I make one pizza at a time and freeze half the dough for a later dinner.

BBQ Chicken Toppings
1/3 c favorite BBQ sauce – spread it over the dough
1 c cooked chicken – grilled is best and be sure to s&p
1 thinly sliced red onion
Mozzarella cheese

Top with fresh cilantro – after the pizza comes out of the oven.

Cook the pizza at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes.

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